What is Dried Food?

What is Dried Food?

One of the most important storage and preservation methods that people have found to preserve their food is food drying. As a traditional method, dried food means ready-to-consume substances created by evaporating the excess liquid in the foodstuff with high heat or sunlight, reducing the liquid in the food completely or to the highest possible amount.

The purpose of drying foods dried with heat or sunlight with these methods is to prevent the food from spoiling, to eliminate the formation of substances harmful to health such as bacteria and mold, and to ensure that they can be consumed when they are intended to be consumed. There is no loss of smell or taste in dried foods. Taste changes may occur due to exposure to heat. There may also be some vitamin deficiency; But dry foods are a type of consumption that meets people’s most basic needs today.

Which foods are suitable for consumption by drying?

We can say that almost all food items are suitable for consumption after drying. We can list the most preferred dried food items as follows; dried tomatoes, dried figs, dried apricots. The process of preserving food by drying, which is one of the most commonly used food preservation methods in our country, is applied to vegetables and fruits specific to the city’s production in many cities of our country. There are many kinds of dried foods such as dried figs in Aydın and its surroundings, dried apricots in Malatya and its surroundings, dried tomatoes in Izmir and its surroundings, dried peppers and eggplants in Şanlıurfa and its surroundings. Dry foods are accepted in almost all countries of the world and are offered for consumption as the most delicious food items. Dried tomatoes, dried figs and dried apricots, which we export to many countries in Europe, are an important source of income for our country’s farmers. Dry food items are suitable for human consumption because they are produced under certain conditions and comply with the food regulations of the countries.

Are Dried Foods Healthy?

Dried foods are among the healthiest foods. Some foods even become much healthier when dried. For example; Dried foods can be classified in terms of production diversity, procedure suitability, storage conditions, raw consumption or cooked consumption, and they do not pose any problems for health.

The advantages of dried foods are countless. Let’s say you stacked fresh tomatoes instead of dried tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes will rot within a few days and produce harmful substances such as bacteria and mold; But if you buy dried tomatoes and preserve them under the right conditions, you will have a food item that will not spoil for a long time, you can use it whenever you want, it will not suffer any loss in taste, and it will not harm your wallet. Dried foods are healthy. Dry foods are very cheap in terms of price, can be easily transported and stored, are long-lasting and can be accessed in all seasons.

What You Need to Know About Dry Foods

Dried foods are vegetables, fruits and plants that are practical and life-saving in our kitchens. If we talk about the situations where dried foods may be harmful to health; Situations such as not drying the food product under the right conditions, mistakes in its preservation, failure to comply with the necessary conditions after opening the package, may cause adverse health consequences. Dried foods can often be harmful to health when they spoil, and we can say that the only reason why they spoil is because people’s preservation methods are not correct. Although there is no situation that could harm human health other than the substances we have mentioned, dried foods are very beneficial for health when the right conditions are provided. For example; Dried figs are a dry food that facilitates digestion.

Dried apricots speed up the digestive system. Raisins provide energy due to their high sugar content. Dried tomatoes contain plenty of vitamin D. The benefits of dry foods are too many to count. Dry foods, which are one of the most preferred foods in the world, are an adventure that started with the transition of human beings to settled life. Even the bread we consume almost every day is obtained by grinding dried grains. The first thing I offer when a guest comes to our house is